What is 420 in dating julia russiandating

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What is 420 in dating

“When people put '420-Friendly' on their dating profiles, they find that a lot of times people will automatically label them a lazy stoner or a drug addict,” explained Molly Peckler, a cannabis-focused matchmaker and dating coach.

Of her clients, she said “That's not at all who they are.

Stoner dating sites sound like a pretty chill place to relax and mingle with some awesome people. According to Slater from “Dazed and Confused,” one of the world’s most beloved stoner movies, “Behind every good man, there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington, man.

420 Friendly is the all-in-one social app for weed smokers. From there you can find 420 singles near you – justswipe left and right to browse through cannabis users in your area. Justtap on the cannabis leaf to give them a super like!

“I state on my [Tinder] bio, 'Must be -friendly,' ” said Natalie, 40, who smokes cannabis nightly to help her get to sleep. ” While there were other reasons the two weren't a good match, Natalie says the fact that she enjoyed smoking weed was a big factor.

“I don't know, I just don't like it,” Allison, 29, said with a laugh.

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She was a hip, hip, hip lady, man.” If you’re like Slater and looking for the Martha to your George Washington, or vice versa, you’ve come to the right place.

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