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She had used cocaine “just probably immediately prior” to drowning, and her condition indicated an “acute use” of the substance.

The article below deals with Whitney Houston, her net worth and relationship with her only child.

She could see her artistic future as she studied her godmother, Aretha Franklin: “She closed her eyes, and that riveting thing just came out. From the start, the battle lines of her future were drawn: God on one side, the ghetto on the other. After Newark’s week of race riots in 1967, the family moved to East Orange, New Jersey.

When she was 13, she spent every Saturday for months in the local movie theater, from the matinee to the last show, transfixed by a film called about three young female singers falling prey to hustlers, addicts, and thieves.

“She was way more energetic than the young people, more excited to be in the studio, more passionate to make something outstanding,” said Mason. Bobbi Kristina, Whitney’s 18-year-old daughter with the singer Bobby Brown, was attempting to gain access to her mother’s room. Pat Houston would later blame Whitney’s death not on drugs but on “lifestyle.” She told Oprah Winfrey, “The handwriting was kind of on the wall.” The cause of death clearly went deeper than toxicology.

Everyone agreed that she was also clean and sober on the set of her upcoming movie, a remake of a 1976 film called In the Beverly Hilton on February 11, a Houston aide told a VH1 crew waiting for an interview, “Whitney can’t make it . The last days of Whitney Houston began long before her arrival in Los Angeles.

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She had made a spectacle of herself in the hotel, complaining about watered-down drinks in the lobby bar.

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