Who is alice walker dating

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Who is alice walker dating

Alice Walker, in full Alice Malsenior Walker, (born February 9, 1944, Eatonton, Georgia, U.

S.), American writer whose novels, short stories, and poems are noted for their insightful treatment of African American culture.

Her blog makes it clear how politically engaged Walker is and we meet just after the US has started bombing Libyan targets.There is an instinct to fight back if you are attacked, especially if those attacks come under cover of dark- ness, wearing sheets. The eggs (boiled, then eaten on long-haul flights) are delicious.“But sitting there with them does bring back all these repressed difficulties.” Walker is referring particularly to being shot and blinded in her right eye by her brother, Curtis, firing an air rifle when she was 8.While growing up she was accidentally blinded in one eye, and her mother gave her a typewriter, allowing her to write instead of doing chores.She received a scholarship to attend Spelman College, where she studied for two years before transferring to Sarah Lawrence College.

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Her novels, most notably Alice Walker was born in 1944, the eighth child of African American sharecroppers.

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