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Why am i not into dating

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A girl with a great personality is worth all the trouble that asking, planning, and paying for a date involves.

I don’t have money to waste on a girl I’m not even sure I like yet, because there’s a slight chance she won’t be worth that sort of investment.

I may be physically attracted to a girl, but if I already know that she’s not somebody I’d want to be in a real relationship with, why waste my money and time? Those are the girls who I ask to just come over and hangout.

I want to vibe with you, or at least think I could vibe with you, on a deeper level, if I’m going to ask you on a real date.

The fact that going on real dates is so rare these days should make the girl I do take out feel extra special.

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It’s pretty obvious that dating is quite different for women and men.

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