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If the router is offering multiple networks, such as a private 2.4GHz, a private 5GHz and a Guest, I have no idea which network the NFC device is assigned to.I think there used to be yet another mode, that used a USB flash drive to transfer network configuration information.Our Standard Operating Procedure isn't hard: we see an available Wi-Fi network, click on it and enter the password.Yet, back in 2007 this was deemed too hard, so WPS was introduced to make Wi-Fi access easier.You have to wonder if the design of WPS stems from incompetence or if it was intended for spying. It still doesn't matter, WPS continues to let the one-time visitor into your network.Arguing on the side on incompetence, is that WPS comes from the Wi Fi Alliance, the same group that gave us WEP encryption. But, a visitor with a cellphone is only part of the security problem with WPS. Only one has an obvious security flaw but routers, as a rule, do not support enabling/disabling the various modes of operation. That said, one mode is geared to setting up and configuring a new Wi Fi network on a new router.They are illustrated in the screen shot below from a Linksys EA6200 router running firmware of the logon modes (shown on the left in the picture above) requires pushing buttons on both the router and the Wi Fi client.

If both the router and the wireless device support NFC then you can get on a wireless network just by touching the device to the router.

Apple Air Port routers use this to connect a WPS printer to the network.

There is also another mode of WPS operation, not shown above.

My favorite router, the Pepwave Surf SOHO, does not support it.

A March 2017 article in PC Magazine, The Best Wi-Fi Mesh Network Systems of 2017 describes nine different mesh router systems.

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If desperate enough, they might setup a Wi-Fi device to send a WPS pushbutton connection request every 20 or 30 seconds.